URLRealm - URL Shortener

URLReaml is a free link shortener made by Mayank Vikash. Get quality short links according to your need.

Unfortunately, you can’t create short links on your own, this rule has been made to prevent spam.

You can request short links by sending a request to [email protected]

What you will Get with URLReaml:


If you have any questions, you can send your questions to: [email protected]

Developer Corner

URLReaml is completely made in Javascript. The page will redirect to another URL according to the different URL parameters.

Every user has a different username, then according to their usernames, short URLs are assigned to them. Each user has his own API token.

It will be made open-source soon. The source code will be available on Github.

For Artists

Are you an artist? Do you make songs?

Then, you are at the correct place, URLRealm has everything for you. You can make and track unlimited short URLs. You can also request a smart link for your song, where you will get the link to the music stores in one place, something like lnk.to.

Not just limited to smart links, you can also request the stats of how your links are performing, number of clicks, etc.

For Creators

If you make videos, or you are just a blogger, you may need some short links, URLRealm has got for you too. Smart Links are not available because they are only meant to be for artists but you can request all other things. A comparison chart of URLRealm with other services will be public soon. You can compare the free service with others.

For Normal Peoples

You can also use URLRealm for sending something to your family member and checking if they are opening it or not.

Don’t think if URLRealm is free, it may have fewer services, or it may not have a good user experience. Thanks to everyone’s contribution that it became possible to develop a shortener that will have every service and feature.

Made with Love, Proudly in INDIA.