Mayank Vikash

Just a random guy who loves making websites!

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I am a student developer currently, learning game development in Unity. I love making designs and developing websites. I have learned multiple languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, and frameworks like ReactJS, NextJS, JQuery.

Not only cool websites, I also love writing. I have wrote number of essays which are published on my Blogspot.

I have made number of projects with the help of Front-End Technologies, some of them are:


M SHORTS is a free video sharing platform, it was created with the aim of providing quality videos for free.


A free URL Shortener by Mayank Vikash. Currently, Under Development

Game (Name is not decided yet)

An online game that runs in your browser.

Currently, I am learning Game Development in Unity and also making my own game. Check out the posts section, I wil keep writing there about my progress.

Few months ago, I published my own app on Amazon App Store and APKPure, It was the android version of M SHORTS which I created with Java in Android Studio. Link to M SHORTS android version.

I have also posted some Front-End Projects on my Codepen

I have made this GitHub Repo to showcase my projects in various languages like, Java, PHP, Python etc.


I am active on multiple platforms, you can check out my profile:

You can also send an email to [email protected] (Click here to send)